Headache Relief Mask Headache Hat for Migraine

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Color: green

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  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • feature 1: headache relief cap
  • feature 2: headache relief hat
  • feature 3: headache relief mask
  • feature 4: headache hat for migraine
  • feature 5: headache relief
  • feature 6: headache hat
  • feature 7: ice migraine head wrap
  • feature 8: head wrap towel

How to use:
Cold therapy:
1. Put the cap flat in the refrigerator at -10℃ for 1-2 hours and use it immediately.
2. Take out the cap from the refrigerator and wipe off the moisture.
3 Put on the hat and hold for about 10-15 minutes. (Actual usage will vary)
Note: When putting it in the refrigerator, please put it in an airtight bag to prevent odors.

Heat Therapy:
1. Take out at room temperature, lay the cap flat, use a clean plate, and place in the microwave.
2. Microwave (power down) and put the cap in for 10 seconds. If more heat is needed, the microwave is increased in 5 seconds
3. Put on the hat and hold it in place for about 10-15 minutes.
Note: The temperature should not exceed 55℃/131F, so as not to burn the skin

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