Zombie Make up Halloween Temporary Tattoo Sticker

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Unleash your inner Halloween enthusiast with our  simple zombie make up Halloween temporary tattoos. This original brand brings you spooky and creative designs of fake scars, bloody wounds, and more. Your imagination is the only limit!

Realistic Zombie Temporary Tattoos for Everyone

Our temporary tattoos are hot and popular designs cater to kids, boys, girls, children, sons, and daughters. You can express your creativity through line art, body art, painting, and drawings.

Safe, Non-Toxic, and Long-Lasting

Safety is a top priority. Our custom temporary tattoos are made from healthy tattoo ink and are FDA-certified. These semi-permanent tattoos are durable and can last for 4-8 days on various body parts, from arms to legs, and even your Halloween face makeup. They can cover scars and fit seamlessly into your Halloween attire.

Painless Application in Seconds

If you've always wanted a tattoo but feared the pain, worry no more. Our fake tattoos for women, men, and kids are incredibly easy to apply. The patterns transfer to your skin in just 30 seconds, causing no pain and leaving no scars. Plus, they're water-resistant, washable, and removable with household alcohol or body oil, giving you the freedom to change your look whenever you please.

Endless Fun and Creative Possibilities

Unleash your creativity with our funny collection of glorious waterproof temporary tattoos. They're perfect for Halloween, zombie makeup for kids, Halloween festivals, tattoo enthusiasts. They can be used also for masquerades, rave accessories, and pranks. These tattoos are your ticket to a world of imaginative expression.

Get your Halloween temporary tattoos today and experience the magic of Halloween, no matter the season. It's time to transform into your favorite spooky character or embrace the dark side with our wickedly awesome temporary tattoos. Order now and let your creativity run wild!


  • Electronic: No
  • Material: PVC
  • Occasion: Halloween
  • is_customized: No


  1.  Cut out tattoo of choice and remove the cover.
  2. Place the tattoo face down on skin
  3.  Wet the tattoo thoroughly with a sponge
  4. After 20-30 seconds, gently remove the paper back.
  5. Allow the tattoo to dry.

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